Friday, December 9 at Davenport and Winkleperry in Pittsboro, North Carolina
An eclectic, anachronistic variety show featuring local and regional talent
Doors open at 7PM ~ Show starts at 8PM
$5 for Doomsday and Winkleperry members, $8 for newcomers
All ages

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Submission Guidelines

Please note that the deadline for performance applications has passed. We are no longer accepting performance applications.

YOU (the performer)might be any of the following...
  • someone from an era of the past
  • someone from a possible alternate history
  • someone from the past who has been living in the present, or vice versa
  • someone from the "future" (our time in real life) who has traveled to the past.

Your "character" can be you (plus some imagined time travel experience) or it could be someone entirely different.In other words...
Your performance must incorporate elements of the past and present, or perhaps just the past.
It does not have to be strictly "steampunk" or "dieselpunk". It can be something weirder, or just different.
It CAN NOT be your standard modern Egyptian bellydance, modern Tribal Fusion, or modern hooping, poi, etc etc etc. There must be some anachronistic element to it or it will not fit the show.

Please email with questions!! THANKS

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